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Investment funds and investment companies

The professionals at TVINS offer their exclusive experience gained in advising clients on the structure of investment funds (investment companies), their establishment, management and offering to investors. Clients trust and appreciate TVINS for their prompt advise on all the issues related to operation of investment funds (investment companies), and impeccably drafted documents associated to operation of investment funds (regulations of investment funds, prospectuses, investment agreements, applications to redeem investment units, etc.). TVINS lawyers also advise management companies of investment funds (investment companies) on matters of their operation and licensing.

TVINS offer their legal services in these areas:

  • establishment investment funds (investment companies);
  • distribution in Lithuania of securities of the investment funds (investment companies) established abroad;
  • merging and liquidation of investment funds (investment companies);
  • preparation and performance of investment agreements;
  • regulation of investment fund (investment company) operation;