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Dispute resolution and arbitrage

The professionals at TVINS have considerable experience in advising clients in pre-trial disputes and negotiations, also in disputes considered at courts of the first, appellate and cassation instances. Using their knowledge of intricacies of judicial proceedings, TVINS lawyers can advise their clients involved in disputes on how to collect and use evidence adequately, what litigation strategy to pursue, how to achieve actual protection of legitimate interests. Our greatest strength in dispute resolution is sound knowledge of the law of Lithuania and the European Union, and a comprehensive understanding of both substantive and procedural law. The professionals at TVINS have worked as lawyers in the public sector and have a vast experience in the legislative processes of the European Union and Lithuania, which enables them not only to identify the required proofs, but also to provide extensive arguments supporting the content of substantive law.

TVINS offer their legal services in these areas:

  • debt recovery;
  • resolution of disputes related to banking transactions;
  • resolution of disputes related to provision of financial services;
  • resolution of disputes related to insurance;
  • resolution of commercial disputes;
  • resolution of labour disputes;
  • resolution of investment disputes;
  • resolution of shareholder disputes;
  • resolution of disputes in arbitrage;
  • other matters.

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