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About us

TVINS is a business law firm bringing together experts of legal services, and offering practical legal solutions to its clients. Our advantages are experience in advising on business law, sound knowledge of business needs, creative and efficient approach to client’s tasks, which contributes to our clients’ success in pursuing business development goals. Our legal services are highly valued and recommended by Lithuanian and foreign companies, we are invited to share our knowledge and contribute to joint projects with law firms abroad.


Drawing on our considerable and valuable experience in the market of specialized legal services we know exactly what present-day corporate clients need, and how law can contribute to address such needs. In 2014, with a view of putting together a team of legal professionals capable of providing legal services which meet the needs of business nowadays, we decided to establish Professional Legal Partnership TVINS. The successful start and our growing team encourage us to expand and improve in our focus area.

Our Work Policy


The energy from our work transforms into success of your business.

Our legal services are based on the principles of partnership: both in organising work of our team, and in maintaining relations with our clients. Joint efforts of a team where each member brings their own expertise result in a broader view and greater efficiency in solving problems of the clients. Close cooperation with a client provides us with a better understanding of specific character of the issue concerned, and enables us to offer a legal solution with the highest added value. 


Individual approach

TVINS – we provide only premium quality legal services.

In our view, creating the highest added value to a client is closely related to an individual approach to every client. The best way to provide an individually-tailored solution of a legal issue in business, and to ensure a competitive edge of the specific business is a full assessment of the client’s needs and continuous improvement through deepening of a relevant industry knowledge. We provide clear legal advice and recommendations in a language understandable to business. 

Long-term perspective

TVINS – we know how.

To meet expectations of our clients, we adhere to the principle to analyse the client’s needs in a long-term perspective, as only such legal advice and recommendations can contribute to successful development of our clients’ business.



Practical solutions

TVINS – practical solutions for you.

Our aim is to provide a client with the legal advice and recommendations which can be put into practice. Only such practical solutions increase the value for a client, reduce the assumed risk, and actually help to solve the problems. We do not offer theoretical conclusions, but we do offer practical solutions and their potential alternatives – just what a successful business needs.

Long-standing partnership

We seek to become a stable long-standing assistant of our client’s business, always ready to advise or represent. We are confident that by working together we can avoid stressful situations more easily, and successfully deal with the relevant issues.




We believe that our clients should not be left in the dark waiting for an answer regarding fees for services, delivery dates, etc. for a long time. Our fundamental principle of work is to be always available and act as promptly as possible. We answer every call from our clients and, if we are unable to do that, we contact our client as soon as possible. We always provide our services within agreed time limits.

Social responsibility

We dedicate some of our time to give pro bono legal advice. The quality of our pro bono services and attention to a client is of the same level as in the event of remunerated services.

Members of our team take part in various social projects and associations. They share their insight on issues of social significance to the public, and provide their comments on improvement of legal acts. The partners of our team are actively involved in activities of the Institute of Financial Education aiming to broaden people’s knowledge of financial instruments, investment and pension funds, banks, credit unions, and insurance services. As lecturers of Mykolas Romeris University, the partners of our team contribute to training of a new generation of lawyers.

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